About Football


Jr. Skyland Football Conference (JSFC) 

The JSFC is founded on the principle of being an extension of the High School program - teaching the same offense, defense, terminology, and concepts. JSFC organizations work hand in hand with their parent High Schools. The High Schools share information, techniques, and schemes with the JSFC teams so they are best prepared for the next step in their football career.  For this reason, the JSFC requires that all players within the JSFC play on teams where they attend school and where their primary residence is.


Playing time is probably the biggest source of frustration and anger among sports parents and players, which is saying a lot. Kids want to play! They don't like to sit on the bench. Moreover, most of the benefits of playing a sport are tied to competing in games. Kids who sit benefit less from sports than kids who play.  Kids who play learn the game, kids who sit do not.  We keep our squads small in numbers, thus allowing for greater child participation and a higher level of learning.

Flag Level (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade): At this level we just want players to learn about the game and have fun! There are no league standings of wins/losses at this level.

Pee Wee Level (3rd - 4th): Offense has a playbook and can only run a handful of plays and everyone will be running only a few different defenses.  This allows continuity for the kids so they can work on their skills. Here we keep score but there are no standings or playoffs.

Junior Varsity (5th - 6th): This level has an expanded offensive playbook. We introduce special teams and a limited amount of blitzing on defense from standard formations. Standings are kept and modified post-season playoffs are held.

Varsity (7th - 8th): This level mirrors as close as possible to High School rules. There are more advanced plays and defenses and all special teams. There are standings, playoffs, and champions.


BLUEPRINT for Success: 

  • Clinically Trained Coaches

  • Conditioning Programs for Players

  • Practice Plan Template

  • Universal Playbook

GOLD Standard Philosophy:

  • Teamwork

  • Commitment

  • Good Sportsmanship

  • Winning Culture

JSFC Player Eligibility Requirements